Everything You need to Know about Soybeans

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The soya bean industry provides numerous opportunities for value chain actors from seed and grain production through to processing and marketing. Ghana’s northern regions are major producing areas for soya bean. From here soya beans are transported to urban areas in the south for further processing. Around 90 percent of soya bean traded in Ghana is procured from the north, while the middle-belt accounts for 10 percent.

Soya bean is an important legume that is both a valuable source of feed for livestock and fish and a good source of protein in human diets. The soybean contains around 30 percent cholesterol free oil, 40 percent protein, and essential vitamins.

We provide support to local farmers during and after the growing season.


Soya bean is a key ingredient in poultry and fish feed and is also used in the production of edible vegetable oil.

  • Mechanical threshers are used in large-scale production.
  • Soybeans contain all 8 amino acids, all of which are essential for human nutrition.
  • The soybean can be processed into various forms; the principal product, oil, makes up 14 to 18
    percent of the processed output, while the cake is used to manufacture animal feed.

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